Cape to Cape Expedition




Jan 2008

Nertherlands, Germany,Poland, Kalingrad (Russia), Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Nicky and Steve will set off from Yorkshire at the end of January 2008 to reach Moscow about the 5th February. Nicky then flies home and Steve is joined by Simon Dedman also from Mirfield. One Ural truck will accompany the Land Rover from Moscow to Pevek where there will be another Ural waiting. The journey across Siberia will then commence on schedule to reach Uelen on the Bering Strait in April. Steve and Simon will then fly to Alaska (where Simon will fly home) and Steve will organise a safety boat while waiting for the ice to melt in the Bering Sea. Late May / June 08 Dan Evans is flying out and together they will return to Uelen and make the crossing of the Bering Strait.

Steve will then continue the journey down the coast of Alaska and onwards down to Cape Horn in Chile.

South America

October - December 2008

Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Boliva, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile


July - October 2008

Alaska, Canada, U.S, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama


February - May 2008

Bering Strait crossing

June 2008