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Nyurba - Russia - (Нюрба) 


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21st February 2008

Navigation is proving to be difficult. We are now following the road to Yakutsk as at Lensk it was quite obvious that that no-one is driving on the River Lena. Unfortunately that means that once again we are travelling north to Nyurba. If you zoom right in on the Google map - the road that we are on appears and it is vaguely possible to follow our meandering progress.

What the Home Photo is all about

Last night we slept inside the Land Rover as the night before the temperature reached -39C and we were too cold in the roof tent. Today's breakfast was indescribable pasties !

It is 900km to Yakutsk and we hope to get there in the next couple of days. Nikolai and the equipment are flying out to Yakutsk on the 26th January and there is a Ural truck waiting to collect it and us!

This is a link to the Ford Expedition which has a few photos on it BBC - h2g2 - Overland Challenge - Week Five



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