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11th August 2008

Well Dan and Adam's flight along with all the others out of Nome was cancelled due to volcanoes erupting in the Aleutian Islands filling the skies with dust and debris. Tonight the airport is open and hopefully they will fly out.

The Land Rover is going to be stored in a container and probably put on a barge to Fairbanks, then Anchorage.

The Sunday Times are going to publish a 2 page spread in their "InGear" section this weekend. I hope to be back to see it!


9th August 2008

We arrived in Nome at 12.45am and after a sleep have spent the day jet-washing the Land Rover to try and remove as much sea water / salt from it as possible. Dan and Adam are flying back tomorrow to the U.K. I'm looking into flying the Land Rover to Anchorage where I will store it with friends (Scott and Carol) before flying home.

The Sunday Times have contacted Nicky and would like to do a feature for next weeks paper which would be fantastic coverage for us.

8th August 2008

At 12.45 (lunchtime) on we left Wales and travelled down to Teller via Tin City and Brevik by a variety of roads and sea passage in the Land Rover.

5th June

Dan and I visited Robert Gentz yesterday and checked that all our papers were ok. Our personal ones were but to bring the vehicle in we have to have a broker, a notary and give a bond. Robert was extremely helpful and within a day we had managed to find and organise all the paperwork we need.

3rd June 2008

I have sent some more pictures through of my trip to Diomede island, Teller and Wales. I have put them on the Album  page under Nome.

1st/2nd June 2008

I flew down to Anchorage to meet Dan and we flew back to Nome arriving in the middle of the night and so spent most of Monday asleep or wandering around. We have managed to get the computer up and running and have sent a few pictures through.




31st May 2008

Not a lot happening today being a Saturday. Carsten Thies  (Carsten's Website) has emailed Nicky some pictures which are now on Album under Nome. Tomorrow I am flying to Anchorage to meet Dan Evans who is flying out from the U.K

30th May 2008

I got a phonecall from Susan Steinacher at 1.30pm telling me that the mail helicopter was about to leave for Diomede and that there was a spare seat on it. Thank you Susan. We had a great flight across the Bering Strait where I could see that most of the ice had gone and it was like a mill pond.

I met and talked to Jerry Iapana on Diomede about the finite details of the safety boat which he can provide (his boat was also the one that Michael Palin took from Diomede to Alaska!). Then I got the helicopter to Wales and met up again with Dan, Ellen and Sherman Richards who I had previously visited with Nicky way back in January 2001. It was good to see them again.

Then I got the helicopter back to Wales and on the way the pilot spotted a herd of Muskox on a hill and so flew down over them and I was able to get some good pictures which I'm going to try and send back to Nicky somehow!

29th May 2008

I have been unable to get upto Wales as the airport is actually fogbound. Its more like sea fret and while the skies are cloudy/sunny the ground is covered in a swirling dense fog. There is another flight tonight and the weather is improving so hopefully that will be able to depart.

I met up with a photographer and we took a drive round the countryside taking photos. We came across a large herd of semi-wild (feral) reindeer and two moose. Nome is quite pretty at the moment with spring arriving and snow on the hill tops still. The town is filling up as all the gold miners return!

24th - 28th May 2008

I spent the weekend and the Bank Holiday a little bored as offices were closed! Today (Tuesday) I have organised the flight to Providenya for the 6th June. There is also a flight to Wales tomorrow which I am debating whether to go on as I could then link up with the Mail Helicopter going to Diomede and have a good look at the Strait.

The weather is cold, dull and much like the UK (only 1C not 8). The sea is thawing then refreezing on cold nights but everybody assures me that all the ice will be gone by mid to end June and that this weather is unseasonable.

I met up with Karl Bushby which was very interesting. He has spent the winter walking 200km across Siberia and reached Bilibino. He was hoping to reach the Kolyma River but the ice was turning to boggy tundra and so he had to fly out. He plans to go upto Fairbanks for the summer and raise some money from there.

Link to his website:  Goliath Expedition


10th April 2008

Nicky is assuming that the flight went according to plan. There are some more photos on Providenya  page that we sent through last night.


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