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11th February 2008

The last day in Moscow - hooray ! Steve and Simon spent all day extending the "temporary importation" of the Land Rover and equipment as when we entered Russia the customs there would only give us 30 days. Steve would like to thank Nikolai Litau very much as he said this task would have been impossible without his help. Also he would like to thank Dmitry and the Adventure Club for all the work that has gone into obtaining the huge amount of permits necessary, as can be seen on the photo below. So tomorrow night a new Marker place ..... how exciting...... !

10th February 2008

Simon arrived safely in Moscow yesterday afternoon. A lot of progress has been made today. The trailer and equipment was taken to Nikolai's house where it is to be stored. It has been agreed that Nikolai will fly to Yakutsk with the equipment where an Ural truck will be waiting to collect it. The Ural will then support the Land Rover to Uelen. Steve said that they have seen the impressive batch of documents and permits that Dmitry has had to obtain in order for them to travel in Chukotka.

Simon and Steve walked down into Red Square and took some photos.


9th February 2008

Steve spent the morning walking round "on his side of the road" trying to find a garage with a compressor to stud the tires with. The importance of being on his side is that once on the main road going north the only way of retracing is to continue north until you hit the "Ring Road", get off as if going onto it but actually do some sort of U turn to come back down the southbound side of your road. Then repeat by passing your hotel, going off at the next junction, under the underpass and back on the road on "your side".

He passed a cemetery and took these photos of flower sellers outside.


Simon was to arrive at 15.30 and be collected by Nikita (Dmitry's son) and Steve. No news as yet. Tomorrow the plan is to take the trailer across to Nikolai's where the equipment can be transferred to "the truck" and the trailer stored. Then to drive into central Moscow for photo's !!!!

Nicky's bag was delivered - to The Hare and Hounds - all safe and sound now. Apologies if people haven't been able to access the "Contact" page - I have changed it - see if that works. Nope !

8th February 2008

Nicky's bag (containing the GPS and charger that was to be exchanged then given to Simon) is somewhere in the void between Copenhagen, Prague (??), and Manchester. Hence the purchase of another one.

Steve meanwhile has cleaned part of the Land Rover and stuck the BASK stickers on. A visit to The Adventure Club confirmed that as yet a truck has not been found but Nickolai and Sergei are pursuing other options. As Simon has to be registered the date of departure is now set to be Tuesday.

On the "home" update here are pictures of Tango's puppies. 4 on the left, 5 on the right. During the day she separates them into two groups then feeds each group in turn - how organised is that !!!


7th February 2008

We spent the morning in the supermarket buying souvenirs and packing up Nicky's bags. Taxi to airport in good time. The flight went accordingly - some pre-preparation would have helped so that a) bottles would be packed in the luggage and b) stinging for excess baggage might not have occurred. The plane was delayed to Copenhagen leaving Nicky with some speed training in order to catch the connecting flight. Unfortunately baggage doesn't do speed training although the box of BASK clothing made it through.

6th February 2006

We went to BASK in the morning where Nicky purchased quite a lot of "runny" clothes - see below! Then to meet Dmitry at his office. Progress is being made on hiring a truck to transport the equipment. We also spend time with Nikolai going through the route to Yakutsk, to Uelen and tides/currents around the Bering Strait. Nikolai is primarily a sailor who has circumnavigated the world in various ways in his yacht He is our translator - originally to come from Yakutsk but maybe from Moscow now.


5th February 2008

We have met with Dmitry to discuss the plans for the trip across the interior of Russia
There are some details to work through so we have another meeting tomorrow

We also met with Bask who are providing all the warm gear for the trip, They were very friendly and have supplied all the gear we needed so our thanks go to them
Steve is modeling one of the jackets in the photo's below!!



4th February 2008

We have arrived in Moscow!!

We are staying at the Hotel Maxima Slavia in Moscow for a few days until Simon Dedman arrives for the next leg

We have a meeting with Dmitry tomorrow at noon to discuss the travel arrangements.

Managed to arrange secure parking at the hotel which is good news, 50 rubles each for the Land rover and the trailer per night !! 24 hour guard and barrier though - very reassuring.

Steve has been studying maps and plans for the next stage!! (see photos below)


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