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Mirny - Russia - (Мирныи) 


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19th February 2008

Yesterday we got past Ust Kut and found the Lena River however there did not seem to be a way onto the river and all the trucks were carrying on "on land" so we followed. Using the compass we have been on hundreds of kilometres of logging trails through huge woods -we have seen a lot of trees ! The trails are made of compressed snow and single track so one vehicle (the smallest - usually us!) has to "think thin" when vehicles come the other way.

We are looking for somewhere to sleep on route to Mirny .There aren't the pulloffs that we like and we are having to squeeze onto the side of the trails rather than risk driving off the compacted trail into soft snow. Our minimum temperature reached -30C last night but once again we slept well.

Breakfast was moose or reindeer stew but much more agreeable than yesterday's choice. We have also been offered beaver skin by a garage owner who seemed surprised we had no use for it.






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