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20th February 2008

There isn't much news as Steve rang earlier when they had mobile contact and left a message. Of course ever since there hasn't been any reception. I spoke to him very briefly (as they were asleep when I rang) on the satellite phone - he was too sleepy to think of news!

However he did say that they were at Lensk. And so I must own up... yesterday he said they were on the road to  Mirny however when I looked at the map I couldn't find Mirni anywhere on a line between Ust Kut and Yakutsk. I deducted that as they said they were going to Lensk that that was where they were. Once I had updated the website I did find Mirny on a map but then couldn't comprehend that they would be so far north as Yakutsk is due east so left the website as it was.

So... what happened was that they had driven too far north on the loggers trails and today reached Mirny. Realising they needed to be back near the Lena River they travelled south on the road to arrive at Lensk where they are fast asleep!.


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