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Kemerovo - Russia - (Кемерово) 


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16th February 2008

Once again we are making very good progress and passed our original target of Novosibirsk about 2pm and are now 260km from Kemerovo . We might not make it there but will camp up somewhere. Driving isn't a problem but the lack of road signs within towns is making navigating through / round them difficult. Once again we spent an hour trying to get the right road out of Novosibirsk. The trucks all know how to do it ... and we catch them all up on the other side.

It has got warmer today - last night the thermometer read -25C outside and -21C inside the Land Rover (however the hotel room was a comfortable +23C). The land rover took an hour to get above freezing and so we were driving in hats and gloves. Apart from that we're just wearing padded overalls and are quite warm enough.

We are keen to get to the start of the River Lena section at Ust-Kut and experience driving on a frozen river for 500km to Lensk then onto Yakutsk; a total of 1400km on ice road !!

We have been in touch with Dmitry and he is organising the flight for the equipment and Nikolai to Yakutsk.



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