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Bratsk - Russia - (Братск) 


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17th February 2008

We spent last night camped up on a snowy lane in a forest (and took lots of pictures which will appear when the memory cards get back to the U.K). This morning we found a cafe and had 2 x sausage with cabbage and onion pancake. Surprisingly nice !

We have modified the Land rover by putting a baffle over the radiator to try and retain more heat but are not at temperatures where we feel that we have to leave the engine running overnight. Now we are now making good progress towards Bratsk.

It could get interesting later today once we have passed Kansk (Канск) as we are undecided whether to stay on the M53 south from Taichet (Тайшет) to Tylyn  (Тулун) before heading north on a main road OR.... head directly east from Taichet to Bratsk on a minor road !!



Guards at the Road Construction site and putting a baffle on the radiator.



Progress Map