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Link to Cape to Cape Expedition Justgiving page for Woodhead Mountain Rescue. I know a lot of members of the Mountain Rescue and really do think the job they do is invaluable.

The competition was  "How many hours and minutes will it take to cross the Bering Strait Sea ?" but has finished now however the justgiving page is still active for anyone wishing to donate.

As you can see from the table the times differed greatly however I think those people that know the Strait have made the best choices. Steve and Dan would need a good tailwind now to get there in less than 18 hours!

Name Time guessed Name Time guessed
Kia 14 hours 30 minutes Mark Saville 18 hours 35 minutes
John and Gillian 14 hours 45 minutes Ann and Alex 18 hours 41 minutes
Stuart 14 hours 49 minutes Sari 20 hours 45 minutes
Annie and family 15 hours Anthony and Gail 22 hours 47 minutes
Nicky 15 hours 27 minutes Haem 22 hours 2 seconds
Teresa 15 hours 43 minutes Sue and Glen 23 hours
Charlie and Carol 16 hours 15 minutes    



Results of the last competition are below

It was a close call at the end - good guessing! As no-one actually got the 2nd April the winners are BB with the 1st April and Teresa with the 3rd April - both being a day out. If they want to email me - we have 2 of everything. Its

Name Date guessed Time guessed Estimated Arrival Date
Teresa Wall 20th March 08 14 days 6 hours 3rd April
Andy Heading 15th March 08 22 days 10 hours 6th April
Haem 11th March 08 20 days 31st March
BB 8th March  08 24 days 4 hours 1st April
Rosie 7th March 08 28 days 4th April
Tim 7th March 08 23 days 30th March
Charlie 7th March 08 21 days 28th March



1) A signed copy of Steve's Book (might have to wait a while) but he's promised.

2) A ride in the Landrover of course when it gets back (if its still going).

3) 10 Expedition meals - 5 from Expedition Foods, 4 "heat themselves" meals

4) Two extra large polo shirts and peaked caps.

5) Survival suits - three of

I'll put more on as I find them - there must be some spare propellers, wheels, tyres, oil around here somewhere!!


Justgiving - Steve Burgess's Fundraising Page