Cape to Cape Expedition


The Hagglund BV206


A support vehicle which will accompany the Land Rovers across Siberia was always considered to be a necessity. The Hagglund BV 206 was originally chosen as it is proven in arctic conditions however after visiting Moscow to see Dmitry Shparo we are now using Ural trucks as this dispenses with the complicated import and export of the Hagglund into Russia. The advantage of the Urals is also that we can sleep and cook inside one of them.

The Hagglund was put up for sale on the 21st February 2007 and a buyer rang the very same day. Assuming all the export papers go through it will actually be off to Russia!

12/06/05  The Hagglund BV206 was purchased. This vehicle will become the support vehicle carrying fuel and equipment across Siberia to the Bering Strait. The Hagglund was purchased in military camouflage - in keeping with the expedition we resprayed it orange.










30/7/05 Tests were carried out after servicing the Hagglund and photographs were taken for insurance purposes. It appears to be in very good mechanical order. To drive is simplicity in itself but it will take a while to realize the full potential. We are fortunate to have some steep land on the farm for practise.


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