Cape to Cape Expedition

Sea Trial



To test the landrover in open water


Location and Date:

Bridlington - May 2004


We launched into a fresh breeze, from the South Beach onto a choppy cold and very grey Bridlington Bay. Having assembled the outriggers and floats in Belverdere Compound, had our equipment checked (anchor, 150ft of rope and flares) and paid our launch fees we trundled off over the beach and into the surf.

We had arranged a support vessel, the "Rachel K" to meet us just off shore and it was reassuring to see her nosing out of the harbour in our direction. The VHF radio was proving useless against the noise of the landrover and the sea so we resorted to mobile phones for communication. We intended to travel north towards Flamborough Head and then return to the beach to practice coming ashore against waves.

The whole experience of moving over waves and swell was very different to the tranquil waters of Coniston. We landed on the beach with a hefty shove from behind by the waves. The whole run had been successful. The bow plate had done its job of protecting the engine bay from the full force of the waves. We did a repeat run after a few checks. It was reassuring that at no time did we feel we shouldn't be there or that our equipment was not sea worthy. We proceed to 1st voyage !!




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