Cape to Cape Expedition


Initial Track Development


Autumn 2005. To cross Siberia in winter we intend to put tracks onto the land rovers. We undertook lengthy research into the different makes, sizes and capabilities of such tracks. Development of a prototype track has begun and we hope to have a full set ready for testing this winter.













December 2005. The picture shown below is a computer aided design of how the tracks are going to look. The tracks are currently being manufactured and one is due to be finished in February 2006. We had a set back with supply of tire guides but have sourced some from Bulgaria which are on their way to us.









12th February 2006.  Protection and Performance Ltd have produced one track and it was on display at their stand at the 4x4 show in Donnington on Sunday 13th February. At the moment it is very much a prototype. The extra required track guiders arrived from Bulgaria and so we now have all the components to make a full set for testing.










20th February 2006.  Steve went over to Protection and Performance Ltd in Keighley and mounted the track onto a land rover which was suspended in the air to check the clearance of the suspension and steering.












April 2006. Development of a full set of prototype tracks is ongoing. The emphasis is now on testing the use of smaller wheels and varying their position in order to reduce the ground clearance.





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