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3rd March 2008


7th March 2008

The truck, Nikolai, Sergei and another driver arrived in Ust Nera at 1.30pm and so we got straight off. Sergei wants to keep driving until 4am to get some miles in and so that we might reach Syrianka tomorrow. Simon and I are much happier now - Sergei comes across as very competent and to give him credit; he did get a truck bearing fixed out here where there are no garages or spares available. It was extremely frustrating for us to have to spend four days in a non-town not knowing whether to turn round and try to find them or sit (which is when you get cold) and wait. Of course all that time we are wondering whether the truck was really up to the job and hoping that this is not going to become par for course.

We have had lunch in the Kamas - ravioli, pork fat and vodka. They all like the odd tipple of vodka out here and apparently when driving "it keeps you awake". The three of them are sleeping and eating in the Kamas and the equipment is on the roof. We have taken some pictures but didn't get a good enough signal to send them back.

Sergei thinks we have experienced the coldest weather now - although saying that the gauge is currently reading -39C and that it will get warmer (comparatively!) towards the north.

Tonight its our turn to cook (which isn't hard with self-heating meals !!). Now where's that still?

The only photo which got through intact - a crack in the river - just what you like to see.......



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