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Bilibino - Russia - (Билибино)


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3rd March 2008

17th March 2008

We met up with the truck this morning at 7.30am but had to wait until 12noon before we set off as the garage had run out of diesel and was waiting for a delivery. We have driven out of Bilibino on a river bed and up into the mountains. The snow is very deep and its fun driving. The scenery is very much like the high Alps - no trees and just one track that winds its way between the mountains. Its very bouncy and rutted, progress is slow but being made !!

Dan Evans has investigated why the rear shockers have kept breaking and been onto LandRover Special Vehicles who have said that it must be the air temperature that is making the oil thicken which then snaps the shockers. The front ones being near the engine are being kept slightly warmer and so are ok. Dan has contacted Milners who say they make "after market" shockers for racing and competitions that can be manufactured down to a predetermined temperature. These could have special low temperature oil in them also and be ready for next week. The only question is .... how do we get them out here?

We were stopped by the police last night but nothing was a problem. They knew who we were ! Word has got around about two mad Englishmen driving across Russia.

We won't make Pevek tonight as we're going to drive for another hour then camp. Chukotka is very different than the rest of Siberia. The towns are well maintained and the houses painted colourfully. Dmitry has organised further permits for us which we are going to collect in Pevek tomorrow.

A few photos of Bilibino, the road out and a policeman and his son.



 Area surrounding Bilibino





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